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Free Mamograms/ Mamografias Gratis

Free Mamograms/ Mamografias Gratis

Mamografia Dec 20

Program/Programa: Youth Leadership Council

Help promote healthy communities where you live. Be a positive force to influence the young people of your community to turn their back on drugs and alcohol.

Ayuda a promover comunidades saludables donde vives. Se una fuerza positiva para influir en los jóvenes de tu comunidad a dar la espalda a las drogas y el alcohol.


  • Be a High School Student/Ser un Estudiante de secundaria
  • Attendance at monthly meetings/La asistencia a las reuniones mensuales
  • Be a part of a team/Ser parte de un equipo
  • Have a desire to make a difference/Tener el deseo de hacer una diferencia

For more information/para mas informacion: asanchez-lopez@dph.sbcounty.gov or call: (909) 387-5055 


A special thank you to Edison for sponsoring the Let’s Move San Bernardino event on August 29, 2014


Your safety is important to Southern California Edison.  If you see a downed power line, remember three things: 1. Stay away; 2. Do not touch the line or any person or object in touch with the line; and 3. Call 911 immediately.

Visit www.on.sce.com/staysafe for more information.

Su seguridad es importante para Southern California Edison. Si ve un cable eléctrico caído al suelo, recuerde tres cosas: 1. Manténgase alejado; 2. No toque los cables así como a ninguna persona u objeto en contacto con los cables; y 3. Llame inmediatamente al 911.

Visite www.on.sce.com/staysafe para más información.

About Us

The Latino Health Collaborative (LHC) was founded in 2004, with the goal of removing barriers within the public and private health systems that impact health and access to health care.  Since then, LHC has grown to a coalition of more than 75 partners representing a wide swath of communities and disciplines, and is recognized for its expertise in coalition building, health advocacy, and community organizing. The group is a trusted resource to advise, train and consult community based organizations, non-profit organizations, and private and public agencies seeking to educate and encourage healthy lifestyles.

In 2012, LHC merged with Reach Out (we-reachout.org), one of the founding members of Latino Health Collaborative and an agency dedicated to strengthening communities in the region. The two organizations share a history of collaborative work, and have spearheaded both the San Bernardino County Capacity Building Consortium and the Inland Coalition Advancing Diversity and Education in the Health Professions. The agencies share mission alignment through their focus on systems-level strategies for health and place-based solutions to create healthy communities.